The analysis of self bonding enameled wires’ application

September 28, 2021
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1. Machinability


Self adhesive enamelled wire, like ordinary enamelled wire, has good machinability, measured by windability, formability and insertability. Winding property refers to the ability of winding wire to resist mechanical damage and electrical damage in the process of winding coil, and the wound coil is the closest and most comfortable. Formability refers to the ability to withstand bending and maintain the shape of the coil. When the formability is good, the shape remains unchanged. After being removed from the winding machine, the coil can maintain various angles, the rectangular coil will not drum into a barrel shape, and a single wire will not jump out. Insertability refers to the ability to embed slot.


2. Price


The price and cost of self-adhesive enamelled wire must be considered in its application. The price trend of self-adhesive enamelled wire is the same as that of ordinary enamelled wire. The thinner the wire diameter, the higher the price. Under the condition of the same wire diameter, the price of self-adhesive enamelled wire is 20-80 RMB / kg higher than that of ordinary enamelled wire. However, in the process of its application, the benefits resulting from the saved paint, man hour cost, depreciation cost of paint dipping equipment and saved production cycle are far greater than its price difference.


3. Compatibility


Compatibility of self-adhesive enamelled wire with chemical composition and temperature index of other materials. Other materials used in the products of magnetic components such as transformers: Bakelite or metal skeleton, Teflon film or telephone paper (insulating layer), AF outgoing line, etc. are compatible with self-adhesive enamelled wire in terms of chemical composition and temperature index.


4. Temperature index and thermal performance


Generally, the winding wire with corresponding temperature index shall be selected according to the allowable temperature rise of transformer products or the highest hot spot index that may appear in the coil.


5. Spatial factors


The design of electronic instruments tends to be dense and miniaturized. Reducing the volume of transformer and improving the space factor of winding are the problems that must be considered in the selection of winding wire. For winding wires with the same cross-sectional area, the spatial factor of foil strip (planar transformer) is the highest, followed by flat wire and round wire. Compared with ordinary round enamelled wire, self-adhesive enamelled wire does not reduce the winding volume, but the coil skeleton could not be used in some cases if using the self bonding enameled wires, which is conducive to improve the product structure.


6. Electrical performance


The conductivity of self-adhesive enamelled wire is the same as that of ordinary enamelled wire core. Since self-adhesive enamelled wire belongs to composite coating enamelled wire, the insulating layer has sufficient stable voltage resistance (breakdown voltage) and insulation resistance, which is higher than that of ordinary enamelled wire.


7. Mechanical properties


The selection of winding wires shall have appropriate wear resistance, scratch resistance and bending resistance. When the coil winding bears large stress, it is appropriate to use composite layer insulated enamelled wire. The self-adhesive polyester enamelled wire has good wear resistance and scratch resistance.


8. Resistance to organic solvents and chemical corrosion


Self adhesive polyurethane enamelled wire has strong resistance to organic solvents and chemical corrosion.


9. Direct weldability


Most enamelled wire does not have direct weldability. During welding, it is necessary to remove the insulated layer with sandpaper or other tools, especially when there are many transformer coil leads (there are dozens of solder joints), which is quite time-consuming; Moreover, when the diameter of enamelled wire is very small, removing the paint layer is easy to hurt the wire core. The self-adhesive polyurethane enamelled wire has direct weldability, which improves the efficiency of transformer end treatment.


10. Thermal bonding


The coil wound with self-adhesive enamelled wire is baked to make the self-adhesive coating melt and bond, conduct physical and chemical action, and fix and form by itself after cooling.





Self adhesive polyurethane and polyester enamelled wires are widely used in micro motors and audio coils. Self adhesive polyurethane enamelled wires are gradually used in high-frequency coils. With the popularization of surface mount technology and the design of patch type frameless transformer, self-adhesive enamelled wire should be considered first.


When the transformer and other magnetic components are faced with a large number of short cycles, the high efficiency of the application of self-adhesive enamelled wire has been fully reflected.


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